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Freelance Writer, Sports Journalist & lover of books 


About the Creator

Grace [Lilian] Hamilton is an Australian-born freelance content creator, aspiring author, and sports journalist with a side passion for blogging. Her website features a variety of content for varying tastes. Initially inspired by her own ED recovery and focussed on food and wellness, Grace's blog has since expanded to encompass lifestyle, media, sport and travel. 

You can explore her range of blogs under the 'blog' tab, or know more about what she's done under 'professional' tab. 

In the Works 

Meet Me In The Graveyard 

A thrilling crime fiction novel with a twist of modern rom-com. Meet Me In The Graveyard follows 28-year-old Honey Mitchell as she is thrown into the deep end of a cold case investigation reopened in her home town following the discovery of a new victim.

The case will bring with it old memories Honey wished would stay buried and lead her to uncover the heartbreaking truth.

More than anything, she'll find herself tangled in the most confusing investigation of all: romance that is just dead wrong. 

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Meet Me At The Graveyard
The Lessons We Learn

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