Nice to meet you,

You already know a bit about me now, but everyone has a story and I want to share mine in order to help and inspire others. So, here it is:

How did I get here?

I was born in 2002 and have grown up and South-East Queensland my whole life – moving house seven times and having the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people along the way (and some not-so amazing ones too). For the past 19 years, my life has been swarmed with school, sport and all the things that come with that. The good and the bad. 


Like most teenage girls in the 2010s, I begged my parents for social media since I was 11 years old and was finally allowed an Instagram account in 2014. In all honesty, it was ONLY because my responsible friend had it, and even then, I was pretty much under 24/7 surveillance from my parents. The first thing I posted was a poorly lit photo of my bird on top of a reindeer decoration. Classy. And my second was a pic collage of my dogs. Again, very classy. Immediately I was fascinated with the whole thing – getting likes, comments, trying to make out I had the perfect life. 


In the meantime, my entire school life consisted of wanting to be the best in everything I tried. I put it down to the perfectionist genes I got from my mum, but in all honesty I think it was just the need to prove myself to others. Either way, it meant every day was filled with some sort of training, a whole heap of draining study, and a gradually growing list of part-time jobs which reached five by the time I finished year 12. Nevertheless, I continued to enjoy having a few close friends which helped me get through the tougher parts of high school. 


Fast forward a year to the start of 2021, and suddenly the safety net was dropped. It’s one thing to deal with self-esteem and body image when you know everyone (or at least the majority) of people at school share the same feelings. But it’s another when you’re out in the real world, and social media becomes your main portal. They were right, it’s dangerous. 


The truth is most of what you see is fake. It’s edited, filtered, cropped, coloured, posed, stretched and/ or staged. It’s a poise to make people believe they’re living the dream you want. And sure, there are some out there who have worked so hard and have reached their goals, but that’s no reason to believe you have to look and be the same.


I got caught up in it all and waited way too long seek help.


At any time, nearly 1 million Australian’s suffer from an eating disorder. I grew up as the vacuum of my family, and never thought I would be part of that statistic. But there I was sitting in the doctor’s office crying over a 0.1kg weight change. It’s something that’s easy to get into but so hard to get out of. What happened to the younger me? The one who loved brownie batter, who ate icing sugar for a snack, the one that exercised for enjoyment and not punishment? It tore me apart seeing how my mental and physical health was impacting the people I loved. 


I reached out for the first time on 28th February 2021. 


Since then, I developed my love of cooking (bit ironic) and worked on being the happiest and most honest version of myself. As a journalism student, I channelled my creativity and love for social media through promoting recovery and sharing my experiences in the hopes of helping others. It’s why I’m creating this website, to reach out and find more people who want to work on loving themselves. 


So, here you’ll find the recipes I created through my journey, café hotspots I’ve reviewed, the brands I’m now an ambassador for (including discount codes for you to use)  and just some general advice on getting through life. For more, you can check out my Instagram or Facebook page!


I really hope my story can help you, or someone you know. If it does, let me know <3 



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