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Bam Bam Bakehouse, Mermaid Beach

It's an odd name, and some people might look past it, but if we do - *insert cliche saying* - how are we meant to find our favourite spots? This stunning little cafe is the perfect example of why it's good to give new things a go.

Located off the Gold Coast Highway in Mermaid Beach, Bam Bam Bakehouse looks at first like an old office building. But once you pull into the driveway, its gorgeous wooden and green-themed seating areas catch your eye. It's a shame the entrance can't be seen from the road, because one look would have anyone booking a table. On the flip side however I'm not sure if they could possibly get any busier! It was jam packed when myself and four of my family arrived at 10am on a Saturday. I suppose, yes weekends would be popular, but I've never seen so many tables filled all at once!

Nonetheless, service was exceptional. We're all pretty savvy with online shopping - and the recently more popular online ordering format in restaurants - right? Well this place is on with the trends in that respect. We placed our order of five drinks and five meals as soon as we could. The options were hard to choose from, and no matter how set I was on one dish, the next made my decision even harder. In the end I went with the Sweetcorn Fritters. I seem to order this dish a fair bit, but today's seem a little different and the image online looked incredible! Despite the vast number of people in the cafe, all five of the dishes came out in under 20-30 minutes. Crazy, hey? I wasn't complaining that's for sure.

Gosh, even my eyes at this point were drooling over my meal - I almost forget to snap the pic! I won't spoil it for you, but um, these were to die for. I'm not sure what they did with these particular fritters, but they had that delicious texture of a fresh hash brown, balanced with a soft melting-like effect at every bite. And hey, I even enjoyed the egg (I'm an avid anti-poached gal).

The whole meal was a cinematic experience, I'll just say that.

So, since it is a bakehouse, I had to leave with a niche cup of caffeine (skinny latte duh) and pick a sweet goodie for later on. This in itself was a whole new level of difficult. It was like trying to decide between a pair of shoes for going out, only these shoes were my making my lips lick themselves. I ended up opting for a pancake eclair - which came with blueberries for *balance* obviously. My fam also pick one out and I have a feeling they were more copying me than anything.

So overall, I really don't have a bad word to say about Bam Bam Bakehouse. The aesthetic? Tick. The service? Tick. The food and drinks? Triple tick omg!

If you happen to live round Mermaid Beach, or are ever driving past and feel your stomach start to rumble, I recommend giving it a go. If you do, make sure to tag me on the IG at @gracelilianx, or use the hashtag #gracelilian so I can have a peak at what you chose. Again, it's well hidden from the main road so make sure you keep an eye out when getting closer! It's been a pleasure being able to share with you this gorgeous cafe, and I hope you'll have the chance to see it for yourself soon.

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