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NINEBAR + Kitchen, Cooparoo

Driving down the main road, this niche little bar and kitchen goes almost unnoticed. The only thing that stopped me from missing it completely, was the concrete wall on the outside of the building, plastered with the title in big bold black lettering. Perhaps I'm just a little blind, so if you do stop by, let me know if you had the same trouble finding it first go. But nevertheless, after securing a park on a nearby street, we made the walk to our destination quick smart- just in time for lunch!

I was here with my mum this time, and we were savvy enough to perch ourselves in a corner seat, below a display of vines and in the direct line of a beautiful breeze from outside. It was cosy to say the least, and I was almost comfortable enough to take a nap right then and there. However, with food on my mind and a menu at my hands, there was no time fordozing off.

The staff at this cafe were super friendly - and happy to take our order to deliver such good service. As I was read the daily specials, I felt my mouth dropping from the sound of everyone: this particular day there was the option for handmade potato gnocchi or cherry ripe pancakes (on top of the already decadent menu options). However, I had already been sold on the sound of the Corn and Zucchini Fritters. Yes, this happens to be a common choice of mine. I also ordered myself (potentially the best) smoothie: the 'Aloha' made with coconut milk, ice cream, pineapple, mango and topped with a very juicy cherry. Oh gosh, it was heaven!

Since it was quite busy, I was expecting a bit of a wait for our meals - but I was pleasantly surprised to be served within about 15 minutes. And boy oh boy, that first sight of my fritters, I had NO regrets for my decision. The presentation was beautiful - colourful, clean, fresh and oh so tempting. I will admit - it was difficult to resist diving right in and taking an 'after' photo instead. But I thought I better not leave you guys short, so I made sure to snap a few pics before devouring the meal.

Now I won't pretend I'm THE fritter expert, but I do tend to order this kind of meal from many of the places I've been to over the years. It always just catches my heart when I read it on a menu, and there's something about the dish that screams'eat me' when it comes to ordering. So, it's fair to say I know a good corn and zucchini fritter when I taste it. And yes, this absolutely ticked the box (it actually deserves two ticks). The texture. The taste. The temperature. The - I don't know - the everything! It was the perfect balance of flavour and hit the spot for what I was craving.

So, what's my verdict you ask? Well, theres almost always a catch to things, and in this case it was a little bit pricey. But ifyou ask me: totally worth it. For the freshness, the portion size, service and overall experience, you definitely get what you pay for. As a bunch spot, or family breakfast/ lunch, this place is perfect - and I will personally be back soon with another guest to show off. All in all, I give this one a solid 5 star in my books. NineBar + Kitchen, you've done me well!

For those of you who like the sound of this Coorparoo gem, simply search 'NineBar + Kitchen' in your IOS or Android maps and get on your way. If you happen to snap a pic of your food or bev, be sure to post it via the gram with #gracelilian.

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