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NO.68, Newstead

This one was a long was a long way from my town - an hour to be exact, though it still felt like home! Possibly because my sister works across the road so I'm not a total stranger, but more likely because the groovy decor and vibes of this cafe make it feel like you're sitting right back in your own lounge room. Even the 'open' sign has style...

First impressions aren't the only thing that made me fall in love with No.68. The friendly staff, the artsy magazines that piled into niche corners, the unique cups for water, and of course the food, add up to make this the ultimate cafe.

And *bonus* we ran into Sarah McLeod! Any music fanatics out there? I believe she was around today performing at the Gabba - but who knows - she might stick around a bit longer after the cricket...

Back to the cafe - It's definitely for the eclectic. If you like bold colours, mix-matched patterns, fancy juices (and of course homemade food), then this is your next stop. Let me break down my order:

My sister went basic today, and ordered the house made croissant with butter; toasted. I would say I had food envy, but my meal was just as good so I wasn't missing out, really. My mum, like every middle-aged woman when they have breakfast out, ordered the smashed avo on toast. No judgement from me though, since I usually get the same thing. However today I went with something new - something I haven't done since I was maybe 7. I ordered the pancakes. And gosh I'm glad I did.

Two beautifully fluffy pancakes, with drizzles of maple syrup over crispy bacon, fresh berries and a dollop of ice cream. It brought back memories, and it sure excited my tastebuds.

With it I had a vegan chai latte. Although I don't usually enjoy chai, I thought I would continue my experimentation. It was nice, and the blend was beautiful, but I think next time I'll stick with my regular latte. Nevertheless, my mum had good reports about her soy cappuccino, so it seems an all-round A+ is due.

Now, I said it before but I'll say it again. The staff at No.68 were absolutely amazing! Not just with my table, but with every other customer, they provided fantastic service and were super friendly the whole time. I've popped in a photo of the menu for those who want to take a look. Make sure to share you meals with me on IG by tagging @gracelilianx - and tag @no68newstead while you're at it - or use the hashtag #gracelilian!

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