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Ralph and Co. Whites Hill

I can guarantee at first glimpse, this café will fly right under your radar. Almost completely hidden from the main road, it took me nearly six months to realise it even existed (boy am I glad I know now). But don’t be put off by its shyness, the cosy vibes and homely décor on show makes this gem one of my all-time favourites! Not only will you be greeted with smiles (and a few beautiful accents may I add), this café-come-restaurant is sure to satisfy whatever craving you may be having. My go-to picks, you ask? Well, it’s almost impossible to decide – but regardless of the time or occasion – I am never short of options. And trust me, I’ve been more times than I can imagine counting.

Let’s be real here, sometimes a recommendation from friends or family can leave you somewhat underwhelmed. You know - that ‘super cool’ place they sent you to last month that was nothing more than a $30 muffin and average coffee. Well, I can assure you Ralph & Co will not – ever in a lifetime – fall short of your expectations. To help with the menu deciphering of round 1, I’ll let you in a secret: get the fruit toast. Don’t tell anyone I told you - but you should totally get it! Oh, and order an oat latte while you’re at it.

If you personally see yourself as more of a brunch guy or gal, I will say your best bet is the Sweet Corn Fritters (add avo). For the lunch go-getters of the world, you better not pass on the Warm Potato Salad. Even my meat-till-the-day-we-die of a father admitted to suffering real food envy when we last visited!

So, there you have it, three options for three occasions – and no matter which way you sway, I can assure you right now – you will be walking away planning your next visit. If you do happen to swing by the place anytime soon, be sure to snap a pic of what you devoured and share it with the hashtag #gracelilian or follow me on Instagram @gracelilianx– I don’t want to miss out on hearing about your experience!

That’s it until my next epic mealtime, so stay in the loop via the IG and be on the lookout for some more delicious destinations!

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