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RECIPE: Maple and Sesame Chicken

WITH mushrooms, green beans, rosemary potatoes, chives and capsicum

What you need:

- oven and cooktop

- 1 medium/ large frying pan

- 2 sharpened knives (1 for meat, 1 for vegetables)

- 1 flat oven-safe tray

- 1 shallow oven-safe pan

The ingredients:

- 1kg lean chicken breast

- 1 cup diced button mushrooms

- 1 handful fresh green beans

- 5 small/ medium washed potatoes

- chives for tasting

- 1 red, orange and yellow capsicum whole

- 3 tbsp dried fine rosemary

- sesame seeds as desired

- maple syrup as desired

- pinch of cracked pepper

The steps:

i. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees celsius

ii. Cut potato into bite-size pieces

iii. Using a flat tray, line baking paper and toss potatoes evenly before topping with rosemary and pepper

iv. Place tray into oven and set a timer for 45min

v. Lay out chicken breast and use a clean knife to cut into bite-size pieces, ensuring they are similar in size to allow even cooking time

vi. Lay a shallow baking pan with baking paper and evenly spread chicken pieces, before sprinkling with maple syrup, finely chopped chives and sesame seeds

vii. Place pan into over and set a timer for 30min

viii. Using the knife from your potatoes, cut the ends of a handful of green beans and place in a pan over medium heat

ix. Add 1 tbsp of light butter to the pan and toss lightly before sprinkling sesame seeds

x. Remove beans and leave in a suitable bowl

xi. Take the coloured capsicums and remove the stem and seeds

xii. Finely slice each and add to a bowl

xiii. Add 1 cup of mushrooms to another bowl, and place all vegetables on a bench ready to serve

xiv. When the potatoes are 15min from finished, remove your chicken from the oven and place the pieces into your frying pan over low-medium heat (do not add the juice from the oven pan)

xv. Cook for 5-10min until lightly golden and cooked through

xvi. Remove chicken from the pan and and take your potatoes out of the oven to cool slightly

xvii. Organise your meal-prepping containers and place a serving of each item per container as desired (you can drizzle a little more maple syrup or sprinkle some extra sesame seeds here)

This recipe should get you 3-6 meals depending on your goals.

CALS: 353 per serve (based on 5 servings for this recipe)

Carbohydrates: 32.7g

Fats: 10.1g

Proteins: 34.3g

To get more out of this prep:

To add more density to this meal, you can pair with an extra form of carbs such as rice, bread or additional potato! To increase your fibre intake, opt for a wholegrain carb. You can add more protein by increasing the chicken portion, which is already low on saturated fats. If you're looking to add more good fats into the serving, lightly drizzle extra virgin olive oil over either the potatoes or chicken before cooking.

Remember, everyone's needs and/ or objectives are different, so no one recipe will cater for everybody. If you have any questions (or suggestions) feel free to contact me!

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