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The Milkman's Daughter, Mermaid Beach

As a born and raised 'bush local' I always grew up longing for a holiday at the coast - the Gold Coast that is. Fortunately, my grandparents moved to Main Beach when I was around six or seven years old, which resulted in countless sleepovers and homecooked smorgasbords. However, throughout these years, I very rarely ventured to the other tourist wonders of the 'Goldy' and instead kept to the familiar beaches nearby. Since then, I've concluded that there could be a whole world of cute, cosy and funky restaurants and cafes along the shores I have never visited. So, as part of sharing my experiences with you, I'm challenging myself to take the long drives down to some more secluded spots while on the huntfor these hot spots. Today’s adventure (along with a good friend of mine) brought me to Mermaid Beach - to the wonderfully hidden The Milkman's Daughter.

At first sight of this cafe, I immediately noticed the basket of blankets outside the door - how convenient for this winter weather! And, of course, the smell of freshly ground coffee as it was served on-the-go via a french-style side door and window. The line was long, but the service was quick, so my friend and I were seated in less than five minutes.

Now, I'll stop you here to let you know - this was indeed a vegetarian cafe - but I assure you the absence of bacon was not noticed. The menu boasted a wide range of breakfast and brunch options, from pancakes and red velvet waffles tonachos and a farmer’s breakfast galore. If you're sweet or savoury, no drama - they have you well and truely covered! I was tossing up between the classic smashed avo, and the caramelised apple pie porridge - that was until I caught glimpse of the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Oh, my goodness. Heaven. They were served on such a gorgeous plate arrangement that the woman sitting next to me asked her friend if she could change her order!

In the past, I would have never gone for the sweet option when eating brunch out - but this has me sold to do it again. The pancake itself was beautfully balanced between fluffy and cloud dense. The lemon dressing paired with walnuts and fresh blueberries was absoluetly devine. And the toppings? Well, never ending is the phrase that comes to mind - but yes, also delicious. I will warn you - a big appetite is needed to finish off one of these servings, so I did have toleave some behind. Nonetheless, I left feeling full and content with lemon ricotta goodness.

From my *almost* professional opinion, this place has it all for the perfect brunch spot with the gals. Cute decor, blankets (still in shock from this), a coffee bar, stunning menu options, great service AND A+ food: its a go!

If you want to give it a shot, simply type 'The Milkman's Daughter' into your gps and get on your way. It's just a short walk to the beach if you're looking for something to do afterwards, but be sure to first devour one of their amazing dishes and show me what you got! Post your photos on the gram with the hashtag #gracelilian and follow me oat @gracelilianx - I would hate to miss the action!

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