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The Smug Fig, East Brisbane

Located inside the cottage nursery garden, The Smug Fig boasts an indulgent menu filled with fresh flavours and decadent creations. But food and drink aren’t the only things this serene little café has to offer. The outdoor area carries some pretty cosy green vibes, which are perfect to share with friends and family. Be careful though, you might miss it driving past! As someone who likes to explore a range of menu options, I was a little underwhelmed by the lack of variety – but I can assure you, there’s still plenty to choose from (I’m just a little picky). On my last visit here, I was with my netball gals for team breakky before our midday game. The place itself is nestled along Stanley Street, and if you’re not familiar with the area, I suggest having a look first and try parking in the suburban streets nearby.

Admittedly, I’d already stalked the menu online, so I was well equipped to order. Thick fruit toast and a skinny vanilla latte, please! But obviously I had to wait for my gals to be ready as well (ugh). Nevertheless, I survived the wait and within no time our meals were being served. So yes, I can confirm that place has good service – especially considering its evident popularity with the locals!

Now, you know the first bite – and how important it is right? Of course – this one really hit the spot. I’ve had my fair sure of fruit toast, and there’s no denying this one is right up there with the best. They weren’t joking when they said ‘thick.’ All-in-all, the coffee was good (not a 10/10 though).

I simply had to look around the nursery. As a self-proclaimed ‘plant-mum,’ a nursery could easily be where I accidently spend half my day filling a trolley. However, I did have places to be, so this trip was cut short (ish). If you’re anything like me – and have an ever-growing collection of plants in your house – then this is a café fit for you.

A final verdict, you ask. Well, here it is: GO. Apart from the limited parking, The Smug Fig is the perfect all-day brunch spot for all kinds of occasions. And if you don’t quite have the time to dine-in, they do offer takeaway. Overall, I give it 5 stars!

Remember, if you happen to snap a pic, tag me on Instagram at @gracelilianx and use #gracelilian so I can see what you ordered!

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