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Merry Grinchmas, Cocktail Recipe

It's that time of year again, Christmas. AKA: when we find out which friends will be having kids and which ones will likely stick to taking their pill.

If you're getting ready to serve up a storm at the family brunch or perhaps friends-mas dinner, there's one critical item that often gets forgetton: a good cocktail. A bitter, underwhelming and never-good-tasting beer might satisfy some, but a cocktail is far superior (and makes you the automatic favourite in every group). Here's one recipe I came across on TikTok and adapted with my own twist.

Mr. Grinch's Packing Punch



Golden Circle Pine Coconut Juice (can be substituted with similiar flavours such as Pine Mango, Pineapple, Pine Orange and etc.)



Brown sugar (can be substituted with caster/ granulated sugar)

Maple syrup/ honey


Apply a thin coat of maple syrup or honey to the outter rim of your chosen glass.

Lightly dip the sticky rim into brown sugar, ensuring the entire circumfrence picks up an even coating.

In a cockatil mixer, add equal parts - 1oz (30mls) - of Midori and Mabilu over ice.

Poor in the desired amount of juice, noting of course more juice = more diluted drink

Shake in mixer, or stir.

Poor drink into the brown sugar-coated rimmed glass, ice excluded.

PS: I'm not one to stop you from going crazy on the midori. Just saying.

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