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RECIPE 1: 3-Ingredient Shortbread

So it's getting close to Christmas - which we all know means baking season. Family recipes come out and there's usually a nice selection of biscuits in the cupboard for supper. Now, gingerbread is one thing I enjoy making - but I've recently developed a recipe for THE PERFECT shortbread.

So, without anymore chit chat, here it is:


- 335g olive oil spread

- 3 cups plain flour

- 1.5 cups pure icing suger

...and for icing (optional by definitely recommend)

- 2 cups pure icing suger

- splash tsp milk

- food colouring of choice

PREP TIME: 15 minutes

COOK TIME: 20 minutes


  1. Measure out 335g of soft olive oil spread and place into a large mixing bowl

  2. Beat on medium heat using an electric beater until smooth and creamy, with a pale colouring

  3. Add in the 1.5 cups of pure icing sugar slowly, while continuing to beat mix on medium

  4. Once combined, add half of the flour and mix

  5. Add the final half of flour and beat on high until fully combined

  6. Roll into large ball and cover in bowl

  7. Place dough in fridge and let sit for 3 hours

  8. Once chilled, take out and roll over layer of flour

  9. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celcius

  10. Use cutters to make shortbread into desired shapes

  11. Put shapes onto baking paper on tray and place in pre-heated oven

  12. Cook for 20 minutes, checking on progress on the 10 and 15 minute mark

  13. Let chill for about 15 minutes while making the icing

  14. Use a piping bag or simply pour to create any design!

What can you swap?

For milk = water

For olive oil spread = unsalted butter

For plain flour = wholemeal plain flour

If you give this recipe a go, make sure to snap a pic and tag me at @gracelilianx or use the hashtag #gracelilian so I can see your creativity!

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